G.I. JoeCon 2011 Wrap-Up

April 3, 2011

We've updated our Flickr photostream with hi-res photos from Hasbro's booth at G.I. JoeCon. The Hasbro team updated their display to include the new items they announced during their sneak peek panel on Saturday morning.

  • Renegades will be fully supported even though the series is going on hiatus (meaning there will be additional, yet to be revealed, Renegades figures in future waves)
  • The Croc Master and Blowtorch figures slated for the Pursuit of Cobra wave 4 will have variations. Croc Master will have a Python Patrol makeover and Blowtorch will have a more olive drab tone to his suit in place of the bright yellow orange
  • The blue canisters a handful of the Cobra figures are coming with is compound Z. Compound Z is the substance that creates Zombie-Vipers
  • The Sky Striker (both retail and Starscream edition) will come with additional decals so the tail, numbers and trim are customizable
  • Both Sky Strikers come with a single pilot cockpit, despite photos suggesting otherwise (the change was made in order to hit a $29.99 pricepoint on the retail version)
  • The Cycle Armor and H.I.S.S. Attack Scout are ready to go but the backlog of the current Alpha Vehicle Assortment is keeping it off the retailers’ shelves
  • The G.I. Joe Collector's Club is starting a trial 6-month subscription service similar to Matty Collectors
  • The service will send subscribers two carded figures per month starting with Quarrel and Nano-B.A.T. in addition to a bonus subscription figure for 13 total figures for the 6 month trial

  • Lifeline - with a stretcher, IV bag and line, oxygen mask, medical kit and syringe
  • Data-Viper - with unmanned drone he controls though his suit
  • Sci-Fi - with interchangeable heads (visor down and visor up with face exposed)
  • Airtight (Renegades)
  • Sgt. Stalker - with the Pursuit of Cobra wave 3 Snake Eyes body as a base
  • Zombie-Viper - with interchangeable mutating arms
  • Law and Order (Renegades) - with interchangeable head and articulated Order
  • Cobra Trooper (Renegades)
  • Storm Shadow (Renegades) with interchangeable head and sash for Pursuit of Cobra or Renegades deco
  • Duke (Renegades)
  • Scarlett (Renegades)
  • Firefly (Renegades)
  • Cobra Commander (Renegades) - with interchangeable partially revealed and fully-masked heads
  • Tunnel Rat (Renegades)
  • Hazard-Viper (Renegades) - with compound Z canisters
  • Ripcord (Renegades)
  • Techno-Viper – with interlocking construction cones
  • Snake Eyes (Renegades)
  • Kwinn – from the G.I. Joe comics
  • Zarana (ComicCon Exclusive) – two versions with the original cartoon paint deco being the regular version and the black Cold Slither version being the variant.
  • Sky Striker (retail) – MSRP $29.99
  • Sky Striker (ComiCon Exclusive) – paint deco of Transformers’ Starscream and includes Pilot Cobra Commander and Megatron gun. MSRP $80
  • V.A.M.P. - will be molded in the same green hue as the original 1982 V.A.M.P.
  • Crimson H.I.S.S.Tank – with several additional weapons and backpacks that attach to the side of the tanks armor
  • Black Dragon VTOL – as seen in the Renegades animated series
  • H.I.S.S. Attack Scout
  • Cycle Armor
Be sure to check out our Flickr photostream to see all the images and our YouTube channel for HD video of the Hasbro booth.

G.I. JoeCon 2011 Coverage Provided by Rich Alot & Jason Jones

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