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May 20, 2011

Low-Light was released in the first-quarter of 2011 as part of the fourth wave of figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The Pursuit of Cobra line features environment-themed missions in which the G.I. Joe team pursues Cobra operatives to the ends of the earth. As part of the City Strike mission theme, the G.I. Joe team stealthily infiltrates a Cobra warehouse, in an urban center, housing some of Destro's newest weaponry.

After undergoing a number of transformations--including changes in hair color, additions and substations of facial hair, and even reassignment of military specialties (as part of the 1993 Dino-Hunter Mission set, Low-Light was classified as a Dinosaur Night Spotter)--Low-Light has come full circle. The figure has a striking resemblance to its 1986 equivalent and even borrows biographical history from the original filecard, in the updated I.D. card. The similarities end there, however, as this version of Low-Light comes packed full of accessories and features the modernized update signature to the Pursuit of Cobra line.

Release Date:
Figure Number: 1108
Retail Price: $6.99
Accessories: goggles; flak vest; backpack; rifle case; rifle with bipod, scope, suppressor and stock; ammo box with removable bullet; spotting scope with tripod; knife; sub-machine gun; GPS unit; transceiver with antenna and handset; display stand with G.I. Joe logo (LOW-LIGHT)

Did You Know? As a spotter, Low-Light is tasked with helping a sniper adjust their aim or position in the event that the sniper misses their target. Rounds from a high-velocity, long-range rifles, such as the one included with Low-Light, leave a vapor trail when fired. Spotters follow this distortion when tracking the shot.

Name: Cooper G. MacBride
Serial Number: 827-48-CG37
Grade: E-5 (Staff Sergeant)
Mission Equipment: Encoder Rifle with E.N.V. Enhanced Nigh Vision Scope and Silencer

Low-Light is the G.I. Joe team's night operations expert, specializing in image intensification techniques and reduced light combat tactics. As a child, he was afraid of the dark, until he got lost in the woods and was found three weeks later with a flashlight and compass, skillfully finding his way home. In the dark Cobra warehouse, he positions himself to take Destro and the Shock Troopers by surprise.


John said...

I love this figure, one of the successful translation from ARAH to POC. I just hope I could find this guy from the retail stores. One comment though they could have given him a real night vision goggle, I don't think a red tinted goggle can do much at night. Love the picts, another great photo shoot. Keep it up!

Unknown said...

Your comment got us wondering and we actually did a bit of research on night vision. We found that red night vision is used and its a useful spectrum for reading detail such as map coordinates or adjusting instrument settings. The drawback of red night vision is that you lose peripheral vision, making blue-green night vision ideal for activities that require movement.

cobra_commander3844 said...

The uniform is great and his accesories.Undensafortunatly he luxe another person. See Low-Light 91 and saw this.
Also his chair color is diferent.
This is when I mean that Hasbro need to maintenance the caractheres . If you see Duke from serie 80 and the new Duke - Squad Leader (Renegades) ~ G.I. Joe Action Figure you see that is the same person. Best wishes.

cobra_commander3844 said...

I was checking yojoe he luxe Low-Light 86 -89 VERSION I didn't know this version.

Unknown said...

Yes, this figure is based on the original release of Low-Light from 1986. It definitely does an amazing job of capturing that character in a modern aesthetic.

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