G.I. Joe Movie Sequel Casting for Jinx?

May 8, 2011

According to disney-channel-auditions.com, a casting call has been issued to place a 20-30 year old, athletic Asian female for a lead role as a ninja-in-training in G.I. Joe 2. The character's name is listed only as A.C. We did a little filecard sleuthing to see if we could verify the initials as being Jinx, but the name is classified on all filecards. There are some comic references linking Jinx to the name Kimi Arashikage, cousin to Storm Shadow, making here a member of the Arashikage Clan. Could A.C. be a veiled abbreviation for the Arashikage Clan in order to keep the character's identity a secret?

Image Credit: Joelist


John said...

Only Maggie Q comes to mind.

Rich Alot said...

re: Maggie Q - That would be awesome!

Rich Alot said...

Jinx also makes sense for this character because she falls into the time frame from which Jon Chu says he was inspired by G.I. Joe, in several interviews he's done.

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