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June 16, 2011

The Jungle B.A.T. was released in the Spring of 2011 as part of the fifth wave--which arrived at retail after wave six--of figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The Pursuit of Cobra line features environment-themed missions in which the G.I. Joe team pursues Cobra operatives to the ends of the earth. As part of the Jungle Assault mission theme, a G.I. Joe team led by Duke discovers a heavily fortified Cobra fortress, the Terror Drome, in a remote jungle.

Hasbro packed Pursuit of Cobra waves 5 and 6 with a heavy ratio of army builder type figures. What’s more, the Hasbro team loaded these figures with scores of extra accessories. The additional accessories turn what would otherwise be a mundane army of clones--equipped with the same weapons--into an army with personality. Figures like the Jungle B.A.T. can be displayed in a variety of ways; be that wielding a machete to cut through the dense jungle brush, defending their position in the Terror Drome with an assault rifle or lying in a pile of rubble, destroyed by a precise shot to the chest. It should be noted that some pre-production photos depict the Jungle B.A.T. as including a swappable, undamaged chest piece. This accessory was not included with the figure.

Release Date:
Figure Number: 1114
Retail Price: $6.99
Accessories: alternate damaged head, bandoleer, pistol, assault rifle, machete, ammunition chain, backpack with ammunition feed attachment, Gatling cannon, backpack with arm attachment storage, cannon arm attachment, claw arm attachment, flamethrower arm attachment, display stand with Cobra logo (JUNGLE B.A.T.)

Did You Know? The backpack included with the 1986 release of the Cobra B.A.T.S. can store all three of the figure's arm attachments, but only one arm--the right arm--on the B.A.T.S. can be swapped to accept the attachments. The Jungle B.A.T. includes updated versions of the same three arm attachments, but the backpack can only store two of the arm attachments at once. Both arms on the Jungle B.A.T. are removable and can be swapped with any combination of attachments.

Jungle B.A.T.
Cobra Android Trooper
Primary Weapon: Micro-Barrel Gatling Cannon
Mission Equipment: Damaged Alternate Head, Damaged Chest Plate, Heavy Weapons Backpack, Ammunition Chain, Assault Rifle, Machete, Case Backpack

B.A.T.S. are the perfect Cobra troopers. They never question orders, complain about the chow, shirk duty or surrender. They require no leave time, sick pay or benefits of any kind, and they are cheap and easy to replace. Jungle B.A.T.S are one of the robotic variants designed for specific environments; this version is extremely resistant to heat and humidity, and can easily find its way through thick jungle foliage.


John said...

The first time I saw this B.A.T. I was very sceptic, but the idea just grew on me, specially with these pictures. My only real concern is the machete. Machete? really? Cobra cant put a weed whacker attachment to that thing? I hope Hasbro would take the idea from the Ironman drones and run with it with the B.A.T.s. I really want to see gutling gun attachment, a grenade launcher attachment, a rocket launcher attachmant heck even a weed whacker attachmnet, this guy has a very good potential. Instead of replacing the hand why not replace the arm from the elbows down.

Again another great photo shoot, now with dio! Thanks really enjoy this blog site.

Unknown said...

This really could have been a good opportunity to incorporate some new arm attachments, but with the decision to not include the undamaged chest piece, it's a safe bet Hasbro were trying to save money by using their existing tooling library.

We're glad you're enjoying the site and appreciate the discussions. We hope to have some more features coming in the next few months after Comic-Con.

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