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July 11, 2011

Snake Eyes was released in the fourth quarter of 2010 as part of the third wave of figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The Pursuit of Cobra line features environment-themed missions in which the G.I. Joe team pursues Cobra operatives to the ends of the earth. As part of the Desert Battle mission theme, the G.I. Joe team battles Cobra's newest weapon, the H.I.S.S. Tank, through the heavy sandstorms and arid wastelands of the desert.

With over 50 versions of Snake Eyes throughout the years--four in the Pursuit of Cobra line alone--this version embodies what one would expect in an ultimate update: it closely resembles its vintage counterparts with a subtle touch of modern interpretation, the figure's body is well proportioned and has a wide range of articulation, and it includes a generous amount of gear--including many weapons from both the first (1982) and second (1985) versions of Snake Eyes--as well as an alternate head.

Release Date:
Figure Number: 1101
Retail Price: $6.99
Accessories: alternate commando head, web gear, knife sheath, tanto knife (2), demolitions satchel, ninjato (2), ninjato scabbard (2), scimitar, pistol (2), pistol suppressor, sub-machine gun, sub-machine gun suppressor, assault rifle, display stand with G.I. Joe logo (SNAKE EYES)

Did You Know? A commando, such as Snake Eyes, is an individual, usually part of an elite strike force, that specializes in attacks on conventional military targets. Commandos are typically light infantrymen capable of entering a battle through a broad array of means including parachuting and rappelling in order to execute their mission.

Snake Eyes
Ninja Commando
Name: Classified
Grade: Classified
Mission Equipment: "Boom Pack" Explosive Demolition Satchel Charge

Snake Eyes is the G.I. Joe team's Ninja Commando and martial arts master. As the team fights Cobra forces in the desert, Snake Eyes slips behind enemy lines to blow up a Cobra fortifications. he is armed with a pistol, submachine gun and swords to battle anyone who tries to stop him from reaching his target.


John said...

This is totally the best Snake eyes ever, too bad the scalpers at ebay bought all the stocks. I wonder how the artist at Hasbro gonna top this one. Just as we as fans thought that hasbro can't top the city strike Snake eyes then this came along. This should have been the Hall of heroes Snake eyes. The only problem I have is what is that straps hanging from his crouch? Do they serve a purpose?

Unknown said...

The artist who sculpted this figure is a huge Snake Eyes fan and even worked on it on his own time to ensure it turned out perfect. We think he hit the mark.

The leg straps are part of the harness that secures the assault vest. The Hasbro design team intended the straps to fit tighter, but they were produced a little longer then they had hoped for. Take a look at Sideshow's Snake Eyes to see how the leg straps should have fit: You'll notice Hasbro's Snake Eyes figure has a striking resemblance to Sideshow's.

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