Comics: G.I. Joe #5

October 6, 2011

If you're waiting on the trade of IDW's G.I. Joe series, you're missing out. The Cobra Civil War story line is getting too good to wait; way too good!

G.I. Joe #5 offers a good deal of story advancement and since I generally try to stay spoiler-free in our reviews, I'm going to tip-toe my way around so I don't reveal anything important. One thing that I love about the way the G.I. Joe series is being edited is that even though it's one giant over-arcing plot the writers do a great job of keeping the focus on the characters they're assigned to. For example, this issue features a few Cobra characters running amok, but in no way do they overshadow the Joe team or their story. The issue is very entertaining and as always, writer Chuck Dixon throws in a last-page shocker.

Complimenting Dixon's well-written story is artist Javier Saltares. Saltares' is just as good at human anatomy as he is at military hardware and that's a definite plus in a G.I. Joe comic. For all around excellent effort from everyone involved, this issue gets an A+!

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