Sky Striker Replacement Stickers Correct Hasbro's Flub

October 3, 2011

Tired of looking at that creased nosecone sticker on your 30th Anniversary Sky Striker? Cobra Stickers is gearing up to offer a set of replacement stickers--created specifically for the newly-released Sky Striker--which address flaws in the factory stickers. This includes the creasing on the nosecone sticker as well as the visibility and size issues with some of the tail fin stickers. The Modern replacement set will come pre-cut so you just peel and apply. Although they're not cheap ($22), they are a good alternative to the disappointing stickers included with the Sky Striker.

If you haven't had your fix of applying "No Step" stickers or you're looking for an alternative to Hasbro's sticker designs, be sure to check out Cobra Stickers' custom Classic and Low Visibility sets, as well.

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