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January 12, 2012

The Zombie-Viper was released in the winter of 2011 as part of the fourth wave of figures in the G.I. Joe 30th Anniversary line. The 30th Anniversary line celebrates 30 years since the release of the modern, 3-3/4-inch G.I. Joe action figure. As part of the celebration, Hasbro not only included figures of classic characters from the 1982 A Real American Hero comic and television series, but also those from the G.I. Joe: Renegades animated series.

Zombies are experiencing a pop-culture resurgence. Capitalizing on the undead phenomenon, Hasbro began developing the Zombie-Viper story in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The Pursuit of Cobra's wave 5 Cobra Commander figure includes a case with a secret blue-colored element--a raw ingredient used to create Compound-Z. A series of experiments in secret Cobra labs saw the secret element developed into a weaponized chemical, which was stored in canisters included with the Hazard-Viper, as part of the first wave of 30th Anniversary figures. Finally, the newly created chemical, Compound-Z, is injected into Cobra infantry troopers via a hose-fed containment helmet, turning them into Cobra's undead soldiers--Zombie-Vipers.

Release Date:
Retail Price: $6.99
Accessories: helmet, tattered harness, Compound-Z bulb with hose, alternate tendril arms (2), display stand with Cobra logo (ZOMBIE-VIPER)

Did You Know? If you're wondering what the extra holes on the Zombie-Vipers helmet and tattered harness are for, Hasbro originally intended to include a four Compound-Z bulbs with the Zombie-Viper, but as was the case with a number of figures in the 30th Anniversary line, Hasbro cut back on the amount of accessories included with the Zombie-Viper.

Cobra Trooper
Name: N/A
Birthplace: Various Countries
Primary Weapon: Compound-Z Removable Bulbs
Combat Gear: Containment Helmet, Alternate Tendril Arms, Claw Attack Hands, Barbed Wire

Zombie-Vipers are Cobra infantry troopers who have been given a mysterious chemical substance, Compound Z, that has turned them into drones. Wiped of all thought, they follow orders mindlessly and cannot be reasoned with or sidetracked. They have retained their skill at combat; in fact, their desire to fight has been increased, making them more dangerous than before. In other words, they are deadly zombie warriors.

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