Comics: Cobra #8

January 30, 2012

Written by Mike Costa and art by Antonio Fuso and Werther Dell'Erera, Cobra #8 concludes the Cobra Civil War as we find out the fate of Firewall, Lady Jaye, and Chameleon after a two-pronged Cobra attack.

Costa wraps up several plots in this issue: some satisfactorily, some not so much. In the latter case, I'm not sure how much blame I can assign him. Next issue is the third part of the new Cobra Command plot, and it may have been an editorial decision at IDW to wrap up all plots as not to confuse the new story. This issue of the Cobra series seems to have ended with more of a whimper than a bang. Still, the book was strong on action, and we do get resolution on some major plots


Blacklight was an interesting character when he was first introduced, but seeing him in action in this issue has raised him to the forefront of one of my current favorite Cobras. Move over, Firefly, you have some major competition.

The Chameleon storyline may have been dealt a little heavy-handed sometimes, especially at the end with the "She's G.I. Joe", but overall, Costa's created a really interesting character with a tremendous amount of potential for future storylines.


Fuso and Dell'Edera both received art credit for this issue, and to my mind, their styles complemented each other's flawlessly and blended nicely. The action sequences moved dynamically, and the cropped faces were visually attention-grabbing during the many conversations. Fuso and Dell'Edera have unique styles that fit this book nicely.


May I just say again how much I enjoyed every second of the Blacklight escape sequence? I'm praying that Costa has long-term plans for this man. Just please do not make him an Arashikage ninja.

While I have to admit I was expecting a little more from the ending, it was still very satisfying. Recommended.

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