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February 20, 2012

Quick Kick was released in the summer of 2010 as part of an exclusive wave of figures--available through Toys R Us--in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The Pursuit of Cobra line features environment-themed missions in which the G.I. Joe team pursues Cobra operatives to the ends of the earth. As part of the City Strike mission theme, the G.I. Joe team stealthily infiltrates a Cobra warehouse, in an urban center, housing some of Destro's newest weaponry.

When you think of adversaries in the G.I. Joe mythos the rivalry between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow ranks among the most intense. As well documented as their conflict is now, Snake Eyes' inability to speak made conveying that rivalry to kids watching the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero animated series a challenge. To remedy this, writers first pitted Spirit and later Quick Kick against Storm Shadow. Through in-battle dialog, Storm Shadow's character was developed and his honorable nature and inner strife were revealed, something that couldn't have be done easily with a silent Snake Eyes.

Release Date: 2010
Figure Number: Exclusive
Retail Price: $7.99
Accessories: sleeveless Tai chi jacket, katana, katana sheath, sparring gloves (2), nunchucks, machine pistol, display stand with G.I. Joe logo (QUICK KICK)

Did You Know? While both Quick Kick and Spirit Iron-Knife were exclusive to Toys R Us in 2010, a limited quantity of the figures were sold by discount-retailer Ross in late 2011.

Quick Kick
Name: MacArthur S. Ito
Serial Number: 631-42-MS71
Grade: E-4 (Specialist)
Mission Equipment: Hand-Forged Carbon Steel Katana Sword

Quick Kick is a martial arts expert on the G.I. Joe team. Naturally gifted and a quick learner, he has mastered several fighting arts systems including Tae Kwon Do, Goju-ryu, Southern Praying Mantis, Tai chi sword and Wing Chun. He battles Cobra Ninjas who attack the team as they search for a new Cobra weapons somewhere in an Asian City.


Unknown said...

I should also note that the figure actually held the one-legged kicking pose without any additional support. I thought that was pretty cool!

John said...

I was never a fan of the character as a kid. He was annoying in the cartoon, and the barefoot/barechested figure looked ridiculous next to my other Joe figures.

I do love this PoC update, though, and I think it's one of the more under-appreciated and overlooked characters of that line. Excellent figure with a lot of great and unique accessories.

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