Comics: Snake Eyes #7

February 3, 2012

Written by Chuck Dixon with art by Casey Maloney, Snake Eyes #7 tracks Snake Eyes, Duke, Kwinn, and Lighthorse to Albania pursuing an antidote for a biological weapon that is killing millions in Africa...and one Joe.

The Snake Eyes series still continues to be strong in action, and weak in plot. Dr. Vargas claims there is no antidote, yet leads the Joes right to the best location where an antidote could be synthesized. It's also unclear why his lab workers, who are very knowledgeable about the biological weapon and helped synthesize it (and seemingly complacent in its use in Africa), are now rushing to find a cure with no regard to their boss, Dr. Vargas. Once again, the action of the issue moves quickly, but the plot doesn't hold up to any analysis.

The most disappointing development has been the de-evolution of Dr. Rodrigo Vargas from a cold-blooded, manipulative, and evil antagonist to a mere hostage and plot device in two short issues. Vargas leading the Joes to the lab where the virus was synthesized makes little sense, and one would think the Vargas we saw in issue #5 would have a couple tricks up his sleeve. Disappointingly, that's not the case.

The most interesting part of this issue was the appearance of "Prime Council," which I believe is his first appearance. Slowly, we've been introduced to the idea of The Council as the organization behind the scenes that manages Cobra and the competition for Commander. The idea of a leader of that Council is intriguing.

Maloney's art serves the storytelling well, although his drawings are occasionally inconsistent. Lighthorse looks slightly different in every panel he appears in. I think I would have a harder time recognizing him if he weren't the only one running around without head gear or facial tattoos.

The appearance of the Toxo-Vipers did make the 13-year-old in me geek out a little at the end of this issue.

Strong in action, but weak in plot and characterization. You are not missing much by passing on this issue.

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