Toy Fair 2012 Hasbro Showroom Photos

February 11, 2012

Even though they revealed a majority of their 2012 G.I. Joe line leading up to Toy Fair, Hasbro still had plenty of surprises on hand at their annual collector/media event. With 50 figures (includes vehicle drivers) planned for 2012, the first wave of G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures was just an appetizer for Hasbro's main course, which comes in the form of subsequent waves of both movie accurate and "off screen" character-comprised waves.

Expect wave one to be on shelves in early June. This includes the previously featured Duke, Roadblock, Snake Eyes, G.I. Joe Trooper, Red Ninja, Storm Shadow, Snake Eyes, Cobra Commander, Cobra Trooper, and Zartan. Wave two follows in July and begins using more movie accurate likenesses and gear, and will include Battle-Kata Roadblock, Firefly (with alternate balaclava masked head), Ninja Duel Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow and Flint with a removeable beret. Wave three, planned for August debuts Bruce Willis as a G.I. Joe, Joe Colton, an Alley-Viper, Cyber-Ninja, Dragon-Ninja & Lady Jaye. September has the Wu-Tang Clan's RZA debuting as Blind Master and Kim Arashakage (Jinx) slated, while October plans include a new Crimson Guard and a classically styled Night-Viper. And that's just the figures!

Vehicles will include drivers that, while lacking full-blown articulation, will continue the standard of having a figure to pilot your ride. The San Diego Comic-Con exclusive H.I.S.S./Shockwave crossover includes a yet-to-be-revealed surprise. It will include a constructicon styled B.A.T. to haul the included energon cubes, Destro with puple-colored gear and decepticon logo on his chest and a small Soundwave accessory with cassette tapes.

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