Comics: Snake Eyes #10

March 15, 2012

In the next chapter of the Cobra Command saga by Chuck Dixon and Alex Cal, Snake Eyes and Helix follow the trail of the Red Ninjas, knowing full well they are walking into a trap. In the meantime, the Joes are still trying to unravel Cobra's plans for Nanzhao while Destro begins the next step towards the endgame

Dixon is doing a great job in keeping this storyline intriguing. What are Cobra's plans for Nanzhao? He gives us clues by having characters such as Mainframe and Dial Tone ask the right questions, and even lets the readers in on information the Joes don't know. But it's a mystery that only the inner circle of Cobra knows, and I freely admit, I'm hooked.
We've been teased with the upcoming Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow showdown for 5 chapters now, and once again, we are one step closer. Dixon purposefully draws parallels between the anticipation of the two ninjas fight in the present and their previous encounter in that country in the past (complete with hordes of Red Ninjas in both time periods).

We see a little more of Storm Shadow characterization in this issue than perhaps any other point in this universe. We learn that he is not content with the current Cobra Commander, and that he now has a vendetta against Zartan. And like his Joe counterpart, Storm Shadow feels the need to follow his own path, against orders sometimes, for what he perceives as for the greater good. The seeds of rebellion and discontent have been sown…it will be interesting to see where this leads

Cal's art seems to really stand out in this issue. It's been solid throughout this Cobra Command storyline, but this might be one of his best efforts yet. The scenes in the jungle with Snake Eyes, Helix, and the Red Ninjas were absolutely beautiful (J. Brown, the colorist, deserves a large part of this praise).

Not only is Robert Atkins' Storm Shadow on the variant B cover one of the best depictions of my favorite character I've ever seen, he's included the wooded water reservoir that once served as Tommy's urban hideaway in the Marvel run. Very nice touch, Mr. Atkins!

Ninja action can get repetitive after a while, but this serves as a very solid chapter in the Cobra Command storyline. Recommended.

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