Sideshow-Style, Hasbro-Sized Environments

April 12, 2012

Collectors are notorious for wanting what they can't have. Many of us are spoiled by growing up in the golden era of toys where seven-foot aircraft carriers, floating hovercrafts and mobile command centers--capable of storing a battalion of your finest troops--were the norm.  While we get that occasional big-ticket item they're few and far between. Taking the highly sought after playset concept and adding a twist of Sideshow influence with his artistic genius, Carl BouMansour has created a collection of highly-detailed, environment-style display pieces that many of us dream of owning. Carl has found the perfect balance of realism and displayability in his work and his pieces compliment the advances in figure technology nicely. The U.K. native's works include Star Wars, Indiana Jones and of course, G.I. Joe (or in Carl's case, Action Force) and can be seen in detail on his Flickr photo gallery.

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