G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Store Re-Opens

August 3, 2012

The G.I. Joe Collectors' Club is finally opening its digital doors after a long hiatus as a result of a security breach. An e-mail from club president Brian Savage confirms the opening, today, at about noon Central Time. The first item up for grabs will be Footloose; in several flavors. Members can purchase a loose, carded or signed  carded (by voice actor Will Ryan) Footloose figure all of which are limit one per member account. Limits are strictly enforced, with a 25 percent administration fee being added to any order attempting to select more than one of each item.

This quick update is going out to all members of both clubs.

Both stores are closed until tomorrow at approximately noon CDT when we are planning to bring the G.I. Joe Club Store online. The Transformers Club Store will come back online at the same time.

For the Joe Club members:

Please note that there are LIMITS on the loose Footloose, carded Footloose and signed carded Footloose membership figures.

You are limited to ONE of each (per membership account) until we see how the demand goes. We can track exactly how many of each are ordered by account. If you place more than one order, we WILL CANCEL all of your orders and charge you a 25% administration fee. Please do not try this as we want as many members as possible to get these figures at the offering price. Quantities are limited.

In addition, we are still adding items to both stores, so it will take approximately another week to get all of our inventory back in the new stores.

Thanks to both groups for your patience and the two great conventions this year!


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