Comics: Danger Girl / G.I. Joe #3

January 3, 2013

Cobra prepares to launch missiles at Moscow and Beijing, so G.I. Joe and the agents of Danger Girl join forces to stop them. But Cobra is aware that a traitor walks in their midst. Andy Hartnell and John Royle bring us the third installment in the Danger Girl/G.I. Joe crossover.

This issue moved quicker than the previous two, and I thought it was the best of the series so far. But I still have a hard time getting behind this story. The logical inconsistencies pull me right out. Missiles that need beacons for homing? Why not just strap those Nazi missiles onto missiles that actually work? While there is probably nothing more "G.I. Joe" than missions that require characters to break off into groups to retrieve artifacts in exotic environments (a lá Weather Dominator), it doesn't make sense within this story. At the same time, Abbey Chase has apparently known Cobra's location for full year, but waits until Cobra is about to launch WMDs to disclose this information to the Joes. What's the use of being a covert operative if you're not going to disseminate the information you gather in time to prevent a crisis?

I realize that this mini is meant to be a light-hearted, fun team-up between two of IDW's franchises, but that really is no excuse for the lack of some thoughtful plotting.

One of the standout elements in this series, and especially this issue, was the heavy use of classic Joe character designs: version 2 Hawk, SNAKE armors, BAT's. While I have a problem with the strength of the plot, I can't argue that both the writing and the art are done in loving tribute to G.I. Joe in its prime. As corny and as clichéd as the 'Weather Dominator'-type plot is, at least it is an opportunity to show off more Joe characters, such as Lowlight, Stalker, and Snow Job.

I didn't care that much for the art in the first issue, and I can't say it has grown on me with this issue. As I mentioned above, I do appreciate the attempt to depict the Joes in the classic, nostalgic designs, but that cartoony and exaggerated style still turns me off.

The Snake Eyes-free streak is over. It was fun while it lasted.

Arguably the best and most enjoyable issue of this mini so far, although that is still not enough for me to recommend it to anyone. Pass.

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