Hasbro Confirms No Retaliation Figures for UK

January 23, 2013

Our feet on the floor in London at The Toy Fair are reporting Hasbro UK has confirmed there are no plans to bring G.I. Joe: Retaliation movie figures across the pond. While Hasbro's position remains unchanged from last year, there were hopes the film's delay and 3-D conversion (in part to appeal to international movie-goers) would entice the toy maker to extend their Retaliation lineup into the United Kingdom.


ActionFigureSupplies said...

I know this is blatently spamming but we're a UK retailer and have just got wave 1 & 2 in stock: http://www.action-figure-supplies.co.uk/g-i-joe/gi-joe-retaliation

Rich Alot said...

Are you importing these or are they being distributed by Hasbro UK?

ActionFigureSupplies said...

We're importing them, as the story says Hasbro UK aren't distributing them.

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