G.I. Joe Action Figure and Toy Archive

April 9, 2011

One of our goals for aRealAmericanHero.com is to build a comprehensive, hi-resolution photo archive of as much G.I. Joe stuff as we can get our hands on. As you can imagine, it's quite an ambitious undertaking, but we're confident we can pull it off--in due time. Everything has a beginning, and now, so does our action figure photo archive. We've added photos of the Cobra Deviant Mobile Mech Suit with Cyber-Viper and G.I. Joe Steel Marauder Mobile Mech Suit with Kickstart as our first trial entries. We'll be following up with additional photos of these Mech suits and adding an archive page to the site, but would love your feedback in the meantime.


John said...

I really like to commend you on your endeavor, I hope you'll succeed. I like the format, I'm looking forward to the next figures.

Unknown said...

Thank you! You should begin seeing regular archive posts starting late this week/early next. It's definitely a lot of work!

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