Mock-Ups, and Prototypes, and Cross-Overs! Oh, My!

April 4, 2011

Hasbro gave us a look at some of the unproduced items living in their vaults during their Treasures of the Hasbro Archives panel at G.I. JoeCon 2011. Photobucket member Night Viper captured photos of the Hasbro team's presentation slides, including an Arctic Threat Baroness/Ravage cross-over pack (even though it was stressed it wasn't Ravage, but a panther companion) originally slated for the Pursuit of Cobra line, numerous mock-ups, and a prototype of a modern version of the U.S.S. Flagg. We attended the panel and can attest to the Hasbro team's desire to document these items--as well as items from other Hasbro licenses--in a way for collectors to enjoy; possibly in a book.

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