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June 29, 2011

Destro was released in the first-quarter of 2011 as part of the fourth wave of figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The Pursuit of Cobra line features environment-themed missions in which the G.I. Joe team pursues Cobra operatives to the ends of the earth. As part of the City Strike mission theme, the G.I. Joe team stealthily infiltrates a Cobra warehouse, in an urban center, housing some of Destro's newest weaponry.

Stripped of his armor, City Strike Destro shares the same base body as Arctic Threat Destro, who was released as part of the second wave of figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The ability to re-deco a figure, almost unrecognizably, is a testament to the success of Hasbro's strategy of layering figures with jackets, flak vests and armor instead of creating entirely new sculpts. The strategy gives figures more depth and dimension, and allows Hasbro's design team to explore characters, which, otherwise would not have been considered.

Release Date:
Figure Number: 1107
Retail Price: $6.99
Accessories: flak vest, armored shoulder pauldron, armored shin guards, holster, pistol, Gatling cannon, Gatling cannon stabilizer, Gatling cannon ammunition chain, briefcase with paper currency stack, €500 stack (6), $500 stack (6), display stand with Cobra logo (JAMES MCCULLEN DESTRO XXIV)

Did You Know? Destro's briefcase is loaded with stacks of U.S. dollars and E.U. euro currency notes. Although Destro would use pounds sterling for purchases in his homeland of Scotland, his profession as an international arms dealer and weapons supplier makes payments in the form of dollars and euros--the two most traded currencies in the world--preferable.

James McCullen Destro XXIV
Weapons Supplier

Mission Equipment: GC-SFS Gatling Cannon with Stablizing-Fire Support

Destro designs and manufactures advanced weaponry and supplies weapons to Cobra. He demonstrates his latest high-powered plasma rifles by leading Shock Troopers in an attack on the G.I. Joe trooper Low-Light, who has infiltrated a Cobra warehouse in an urban city. Destro has to quickly change his plans when he finds out that Low-Light knows they are there--and is waiting for them.


John said...

I like the design, but destro using this? I think he's too classy for this, can't he hire someone to do the demo? Hate the color scheme too, even with the IG's.

Anyway this Destro is much better be used as one of the Army of two. Just have to change his head with an ROC viper head.

Unknown said...

This design only makes sense in the perspective of the City Strike story, where Destro and the Iron Grenadiers dawn the armor to fight in battle. If it weren't for that story, we'd expect (and want) Destro to be a modern interpretation of the original ARAH character, much like the wave 3 Snake Eyes and the more recent Steel Brigade. The briefcase with cash is a great accessory.

cobra_commander3844 said...

TERRIFIC!!. Destro luxe heavy and hardly. He is the must powerfull contrincant of G.I.JOE Team. AMESOWE!! I want buy too.

But my favorite destro continue be Destro 1992 and this new Destro too.

I like Destro 1993 figure too but must his silver mask more.

cobra_commander3844 said...

Honestly he luxe was he is a Cobra Tech Commander and Iron Grenadier Leader's.

cobra_commander3844 said...

Is the first time that Destro have the red cobra Logo.

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