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July 1, 2011

The Iron Grenadier was released in the Spring of 2011 as part of the sixth wave--which arrived at retail before wave five--of figures in the Pursuit of Cobra line. The Pursuit of Cobra line features environment-themed missions in which the G.I. Joe team pursues Cobra operatives to the ends of the earth. As part of the City Strike mission theme, the G.I. Joe team stealthily infiltrates a Cobra warehouse, in an urban center, housing some of Destro's newest weaponry.

Iron Grenadiers share the same body, flak vest, and shoulder and shin armor as City Strike Destro, with a different paint scheme. Considering Iron Grenadiers are Destro's elite troopers, the choice to use City Strike Destro as the basis for this figure makes sense. The armor gives a consistent feel to this heavy weapons regiment and if you're an Iron Grenadier, it bodes well to the quality of your armor if Destro is willing to wear it himself.

Release Date:
Figure Number: 1120
Retail Price: $6.99
Accessories: flak vest, armored shoulder pauldron, armored shin guards, rifle with folding stock, ammo clip, bipod, cannon, ammunition chain, backpack with ammunition feed attachment, backpack, display stand with Cobra logo (IRON GRENADIER)

Did You Know? The need for specialized grenade throwing soldiers in military combat originated in the 17th century. Due to the weight of grenades at the time--roughly equivalent of a shot put--only the tallest and strongest soldiers were selected as grenadiers. In modern military regiments, the standardization of grenades in combat has made grenadiers indistinguishable from general infantry, however, some elite regiments and ceremonial divisions still retain the grenadier moniker.

Iron Grenadier
Elite Trooper
Primary Weapon: Thermo-Reactive Anti-Armor Assault Cannon
Mission Equipment: Bayonet Rifle with Folding Stock, Bipod and Removable Clip; Pistol; Depleted Turnbinium Ammo Backpack, Ammo Chain

Destro chooses Iron Grenadiers for their endurance, tenacity and meanness. They expand his armament business by spreading chaos, undermining authority and encouraging disagreements, which increases demand for weapons that Destro sells. This trooper is part of the Iron Grenadiers heavy weapons support team.

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