Hasbro's G.I. Joe Q&A 2011 Round 5: The Answers

October 21, 2011

New York Comic Con has just wrapped up, the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club has been revealing subscription service figures all week, and now Hasbro replies with a new G.I. Joe Q&A! Our latest installment of questions to Hasbro is back and unlike last time, they answered them all. We've got some interesting news on articulation, enhancements, tooling and overstock. It's worth noting that the next batch of questions are due on October 31, so if you have a follow-up to one of our questions or a question of your own, let us know.

Question 1: G.I. Joe pioneered 3-3/4-inch figure articulation in the ‘80s and again with the 25th Anniversary-style body. In the five years since the 25th body, you’ve made little tweaks like hidden joints and additional wrist articulation, and it begs the question, what are you working on to further enhance or improve existing figure articulation and when can we anticipate seeing it?

Hasbro: "We are glad you like them. The truth is, articulation is expensive, and with rising production costs, it is hard to add any more articulation to the figures than what is already there."

Question 2: Will G.I. Joe: Retaliation figures be distributed more carefully to avoid the overstock that many movie figure lines have suffered from, especially since overstock of certain characters hampered the Pursuit of Cobra line? When will Retaliation figures hit stores?

Hasbro: "That is definitely the goal! We are really excited about the movie line and working hard to develop the appropriate ratio of movie characters. Movie figures are slated to hit shelves in early summer of 2012."

Question 3: What happened with the Sky Striker stickers? They don’t fit! Maybe a future re-issue of the Sky Striker in say the Night Boomer colors with some better fitting stickers could remedy this?

Hasbro: "We are sorry to hear of your dis-satisfaction. The design team put plenty of work into that Skystriker, from the nuanced new font you'll see on the aircraft (which is closer to the one our modern military uses), customizable "option" labels, to the details of the newly tooled cockpit. A little known fact, the Skystriker was designed and taken into production faster than any vehicle in recent G.I. Joe history. This was done in response to the demand from our fans and our need to put a signature, iconic vehicle which stood for the 30th anniversary into the marketplace. Thank you for the insight into the stickers, we will take a look at that but there are no plans to re-issue the Night Boomer at this time."

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