Comics: Snake Eyes #5

October 11, 2011

Snake Eyes #5 is best summed up as lackluster. I think this series is starting to fall into the trap where because Snake Eyes can't speak, he's getting fewer and fewer panels--and that's a shame.  It's ironic that in my last review (G.I. Joe #5) I gave kudos to IDW for doing a great job of intertwining characters and stories from other G.I. Joe series without taking the focus off the feature characters in their title books. After reading this issue, I'm tempted to take that statement back. This issue focuses mainly on Duke, Vargas, and other characters who are not Snake Eyes, the title character.

Art wise, again, I'm disappointed. Alberto Muriel is a decent artist, but you don't want a decent artist on a series like Snake Eyes, you want a great artist. I'd love to have Robert Atkins come back aboard on this series. For what should be the G.I. Joe universe equivalent of Wolverine, this issue should have been a lot better than it is. Snake Eyes #5 is highly disappointing.

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