Hasbro's G.I. Joe Q&A 2011 Round 6: The Answers

November 30, 2011

To our disappointment, Hasbro decided not to answer any of our questions for this round of their G.I. Joe Q&A. We thought we had some pretty good questions that fit within their Q&A parameters so we've posted, nonetheless.

UPDATE: According to Hunter PR, our questions were never received by their team. We're attempting to see if we can get a response, in the meantime.

Question 1: Can you please comment on the role the Hasbro team played in the process of developing the lineup for the Collectors' Club's Figure Subscription Service? We notice Jinx, who will be included as a club subscription figure, has a part in Retaliation and were under the impression that this made the character "off-limits" to the club. Are we mistaken or were some concessions made?

Hasbro: No reply given.

Question 2: Mighty Muggs are the topic of... scratch that. The 30th Anniversary has some bold, interestingly unique characters, such as Sci-Fi and the Techno-Viper, which we applaud. How or what helps you decide that the timing is right to bring these types of lesser-known characters to retail?

Hasbro: No reply given.

Question 3: In a previous Q&A you mentioned that some of the tooling from the 25th Anniversary had lost its "pizzazz" when compared to more modern tooling. Would you consider re-visiting and updating some of the earlier characters from the 25th line in their classic-look with some of that modern pizzazz?

Hasbro: No reply given.

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