Comics: Danger Girl / G.I. Joe #1

July 30, 2012

G.I. Joe is teaming up once again, and this time, it's with the sexy agents of Danger Girl. Andy Hartnell, co-creator of Danger Girl, brings us a story of military and espionage on this first issue of Danger Girl/G.I. Joe team-up.

Interview with Infestation Writer Mike Raicht

July 25, 2012

Mike Raicht, writer of the New York Times bestseller Stuff of Legend, spent some time with to discuss about his work with IDW's G.I. Joe: Infestation series. Mike (@MikeRaicht on Twitter) talks about his start in comics, his fondness for those early Larry Hama stories, building believable characters, and the future of those brave toys in The Dark.

Comic-Con 2012: Hasbro Booth Dioramas Video

July 20, 2012

Once again, we were amazed by the dioramas on display at the Hasbro booth at San Diego Comic-Con, this year. The dios were, by far, some of the most impressive toy-related displays at the show and awed many passers-by. Now, if only we had the space to build our own mountain-side ninja battle...

Comic-Con 2012: Hasbro Booth Video

July 19, 2012

While they didn't make any new reveals for a second consecutive year at Comic-Con, Hasbro had a strong G.I. Joe presence at the show. Shelves were packed with Joe figures, clothing, dioramas and there wave even a prop Arashikage motorcycle at the display. Unfortunately, the ninja bike was roped off, so there was no hope of us hopping on and taking it for a spin around the convention floor.

Comic-Con 2012: It's A Wrap!

July 18, 2012

Comic-Con 2012 is a wrap and our photo gallery from the show is now live and can also be seen on our Flickr photostream. We spoke with the teams at Hasbro and Sideshow Collectibles at length about the G.I. Joe brand and we're pleased to report they're listening to the collectors and long-time fans. While there wasn't much for new reveals at Comic-Con, G.I. Joe had a good chunk of real estate at the show and with some amazing dioramas that awed many passers by.

Sideshow's Comic-Con Exclusive Falcon Sixth-Scale Figure Now Available

July 6, 2012

The next soldier in the ranks of Sideshow's sixth-scale G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line is Lieutenant Falcon. Wearing his signature beret, Falcon includes an alternate back-country portrait and the usual gratuitous arsenal of weapons and accessories Sideshow has been spoiling us with.  A San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, Falcon is available for purchase to both attendees and non-attendees alike. With a limited edition size Falcon is available now on Sideshow's Web site for $134.99.